Drive Away & Auction Services

Performance Drive Away and Auction Services provides local transportation services and staffing solutions for auto auctions, dealerships and businesses. Finding a way to transport a vehicle to/from an auction or sale yourself or finding a reliable company to do so safely and securely can be challenging.

We take pride in offering superior auto transport services by professional, experienced staff. You can relax knowing your vehicles are being handled responsibly and with care.

Benefits of using Performance Drive Away and Auction Services include:

•  Competitive, cost-effective rates
•  Experienced, dedicated management of your auto transportation needs
•  Superior customer service

•  Increased auction profit, less hassle
•  On site staffing available during sale
•  We assume liability and responsibility for vehicle transport
•  Vehicles delivered on-time, on-budget every time


For more information or for an estimate on transportation services, please contact:

Chris Fuchs
Performance Drive Away & Action Services
(937) 452-6009

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